Cork surface Evergreenyogi classic yoga mat 6mm

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Natural cork surfaced 6mm yoga mat, This mat is naturally antibacterial, hard wearing and very grippy


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Natural cork surface yoga mat, 183cm x 61cm x 6mm.

Lightweight with superb support, comfort and great grip.

This cork surface yoga mat actually becomes even more  grippy when slightly wet from sweat.

Because cork is naturally antibacterial this ensures you and your  yoga mat stay healthy.

This mat is also completely recyclable and if it ever ends up in landfill it’s biodegradable.

We take great care in sourcing all our packaging materials from Eco friendly companies and you can even recycle the tape we use.

Our yoga mats are designed to ensure the maximum comfort and grip you can also be sure that your  mat is sustainably made and in tune with our planet. Click here for more info about our mats

All our yoga mats all have European union REACH certification.

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Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 183 × 61 × 0.6 cm
Choose your colour

Anahata green, black, Sahasrara purple, Vishuddha blue

8 reviews for Cork surface Evergreenyogi classic yoga mat 6mm

  1. Laura

    I got my mat, initially, for antenatal exercise. I have problems lying down, especially on floors. But my mat (with cork) was really springy and comfy yet felt strong and firm and i got no aches and pains at all, for once! It was really grippy too so I didn’t slip when dping different movements. I love that it’s comfy, long and, after however long I have it for, it can be recycled. It feels like any other high quality yoga mat too, so you’re not sacrificing any sort of quality or experience. Very good mat indeed.

  2. Rebecca

    Was a little reluctant of giving up my old mat for this product, however am now a total convert after using for several months. It feels as fresh now as it did first use and love the feel and texture of the cork. Using primarily for stretching warm ups but can be used for any floor based activity. Would liked it to have come with a handy strap as my previous mat did for transport convenience, but easy to improvise.
    Although a little more expensive than existing products on the market, if you are looking to replaced and would like to be eco friendly, I would recommend.

  3. julia chilcott-coombes

    Love my new cork mat! Very lightweight so ideal to travel with. Super comfy and loving the environmental aspects. Highly recommended. Reasonably priced when compared against the cost of any professional mat.

  4. Jana

    I love my new cork mat! Even more, because I helped the environment when I ditched my old one for this Eco friendly mat. So far I used it during the hot weather(sweating rather a lot while using it:)) and I didnt slip once; I didnt get stuck to it,like with my previous plastic mat and the mat does not have any bad odour :). I could not ask for anything better. I will keep recommending these mats. Thank you 🙂

  5. Ashley

    Was so disappointed when I saw these sell out right before Christmas as I had wanted one for ages. However, Evergreenyogi were amazing and mananged to find me the very last one they had which just happened to be purple! It’s so comfortable and feels lovely and thick. The cork top is really grippy and doesn’t feel wet under your hands when sweating. I can’t wait to start teaching my antenatal and baby massage/yoga classes on it and love knowing I’m doing my bit for the environment too! Definitely one of my top Christmas presents X

  6. christopher williams

    Excellent service from a fast growing company, the mat is really good quality and at the right price. You will not be disappointed, highly recommended, 10/10

  7. Rachael

    I’ve used a LOT of different yoga mats and this is by far the best. It’s anti-slip, anti-stink, springy and feels great under your hands and feet. It’s a natural material too so when you’re meditating and in your shavasana you can connect to the earth wherever you are.

  8. Stephanie

    Finally have my cork mat, it’s been on my wish list for a while. It’s a great combination offering padded comfortable support yet remains firm for balancing postures. I’ve always had issues with slipping because my skin is dry and just doesn’t grip so I spray a light film of water over the mat prior to practice to increase traction but then it’s perfectly dry ready for Shavasana… Brilliant! Most people slip when sweaty but my hands & feet seem to remain cool and therefore no grip! Antibacterial & latex free too. Highly recommended

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