How can I look after my mat?


  • Roll up and store your mat like any conventional yoga mat.
  • Leave mat unpackaged and flat to breathe and relax after shipping for around 24hrs, this will allow any manufacturing odour to dissipate and the mat to flatten out. You can weigh the ends with a book to speed up the flattening. It is natural for mats to curl at the ends, but longer it stays unrolled the curling will flatten out. It is one of the lightest mats on the market and therefore it does naturally curl when rolled for extended periods of time.             
  • Clean your mat when necessary: roll out flat and wipe down the surface with warm water and soap, a standard Eco cleaning spray can also be used. Never use harsh chemicals. Leave out until the surface is dry, then roll up as usual.
  • Always roll your mat so that the cork is on the outside and the TPE surface is on the inside of the mat.


  • Leave exposed to UV for extended periods as this may alter the colouring of the mat and shorten its lifespan.
  • Fold or crease your Evergreenyogi cork yoga mat. This may damage the cork layer.

By following these simple guidelines we are confident you will get many years of happy practice on your mat.