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This is always promoted as the way to stand up to stress. “ you need to develop mental resilience “ is spoken about in mental health leaflets and literature,  the dictionary definition is “ the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened “. On the face of it […]

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What do you need yoga for?

Yoga for ********? If I told you that Yoga can help with almost any physical or mental condition would you believe me? How about if I told you it could help with your particular problem? That thing of yours which eats at your life, Yoga for Anxiety or Yoga for stress, Yoga for flexibility, Yoga […]

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do you want to be more relaxed?

How often do you take notice of your breath? Unless you are a practitioner of yoga or a martial art I would hazard a guess at very little! We take our first breath on entering this world and we take our last breath on our death bed (sorry to remind you of this it’s pretty […]

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Thomas bormans

how We all live with fear

Lets talk about fear, if we are honest with ourselves it is the basis for nearly all of our actions and interactions with each other. Lets look at what we wear for instance, our fashions are based on fitting in with the crowd for fear of being different on the spin of that we dress […]

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The irony of covid

The biggest irony with the terrible pandemic we are dealing with is in fact our ways of dealing with it. When we are faced with a problem our default response is to reach for comfort, we would rather have a beer or two grab a takeaway or just raid the fridge for some kind of […]

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