Photo by Erik Brolin

THe buzz of our body(meditation)

Meditation Have you ever stopped and thought about how you feel? I don’t mean how you feel emotionally but instead how you feel behind that façade of emotion and thought….. It’s a strange thing to ask but I am betting (I’m not a betting man by the way) the vast majority of people have never […]

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Stress management?

Stress management This is the buzzword or phrase if you like of our time. The ironic thing is you don’t actually have to manage stress, stress is part and parcel of your life at any given time and your individual interpretation and response of that moment. We will all suffer from stress at various times […]

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Exciting Yoga mat Giveaway

We at Evergreenyogi ( that’s me and my wife if you are wondering) have collected a few mats which have minor defects to them, as we don’t want to sell them we have decided to give them away in a charitable type feel good extravaganza. Do you know a local community group, charity, school, social […]

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The supermarket yoga mat

Our attention was stolen for while whilst walking around our local supermarket (no brand is mentioned in this article so if you happen to read it”anonymous supermarket” please don’t sue us, we can’t afford it!!!) Whilst cruising by the special buys section we noticed some exercise/yoga mats, the price of these mats was the first […]

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Out with the old and in with the new.

It’s that time of year when we all clear out the boxes that presents have arrived in sort through the wrapping paper and generally have a good clear out. Our Christmas involved a great deal of sorting recyclable wrappings from non-recyclable (the scrunch test is good for this eg. Stays scrunched or not) we also […]

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