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A connection event

What we need I mean really really need in these days of C***d /pandemic and general unease ( I edited that because I for one am sick of it “not literally 😊 ) is connection. We need to connect with each other in ways that reach into our very souls, in ways that we can […]

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The Big disconnect

Do you ever feel like you are disconnected from our society? Do you feel like you don’t quite fit in or everyone else around you seems to have their shit together and you struggle by desperately trying to fit in with how you are supposed to look, act and feel? Have you always felt like […]

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Change is inevitable “just relax”

Our journey through life is one of constant change, its part of the natural cycle of life, none of us remain in one emotional state or even physical state constantly we move through different periods of our life and health as part of life’s amazing journey. Our great lesson is to try not to hold […]

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Have you seen or posted something like the following?

“I’ve been suffering with ******** condition and I want to say that if I seem distracted, down in the dumps, anxious, lethargic, even depressed it is because of my diagnosis” Then they say share, copy or like this post to show your support ect. I agree support is great when struggling with anything in your […]

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This is always promoted as the way to stand up to stress. “ you need to develop mental resilience “ is spoken about in mental health leaflets and literature,  the dictionary definition is “ the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened “. On the face of it […]

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