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Break out of that box

So what do I mean by our boxes? I am not referring to our housing although that is indeed usually a box of sorts, no, no, no, the box I am talking about is the self-made boxes of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. The walls of these boxes are slowly formed like a super slow […]

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How to improve your immune health

So how do we pump up our immune system and give ourselves the best chance of fighting any future illness or indeed viruses. I think a great way to look at this is to take a holistic view of yourself. (Very Yogic huh) So lets start with our diet, our digestive system is one of […]

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Mental Health Awareness week

As many of you may know this week has been an awareness beacon for mental health, We have been posting all week on here and on Istagram with tips and and advice about how you can improve your own mental health. My wife works within the mental health field so some of the advise we […]

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This could be your best day ever

This is your chance to really be who you really are, “what kind of weird statement is that” I hear you say. Let’s think about it for a while, are you really who you are or are you a construct of how society wants you to be? Do you act and do as you feel […]

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Fear of slowing down

So what actually happens when we have nothing to do, it begins with having to sit with yourself to look yourself in the mirror (literally or not ) and just be, just sit there with no distraction. This may be for a vast majority of us that we have had to do this in years, […]

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