Are you stressed out? here is why

Why are you stressed out? The reason that people feel stressed is usually because they are! “What “ you say “I’ve clicked into this blog to be told something completely obvious…….AAAArgh” But before you click back out again just hear me out. Stress occurs when we believe or feel that something is beyond our ability […]

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Kira auf der Heide

The power of community spirit

In this last week following the general election here in the UK, I have had time to reflect on the result, not wanting to turn this in to a political rant ( never talk about religion or politics ) I thought I would spread some good cheer amongst you Yogis out there, probably already given […]

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Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The road to Imperfect perfection

Four years ago our first son was born. The pregnancy itself went well, but the birth, well that’s entirely different story. Once our son was finally born all I wanted to do is to breastfeed him. After all that’s what my midwife and all the courses we went to as expectant parents said, we just […]

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Can yoga help me or is it woo woo?

This is something I come across quite allot when talking to people about my interest in yoga, they don’t say it as such but I can feel the vibe and I think the main reason for them not saying it is so to not offend me, you know when your having a conversation and you […]

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Who would have thought it?

I’ve been reading a brilliant book by an author named David Hamilton, his area of expertise is mind body connection and particularly the placebo effect in clinical trials for medicine.   My interest was sparked by my practice of meditation which I try to do on a daily basis (see previous blog post). It occurred […]

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