Mat recycling to help the homeless

We would like to offer a mat recycling scheme for your old yoga mats, many of our customers have expressed a concern about what to do with their old PVC mats once they have purchased one of our Eco yoga mats.

Evergreenyogi are now working with a homeless charity in our local area ( Southampton U.K ), and they are run by an amazing guy called Suj ( I originally thought his name was Fudge but that’s a story for a different time  ).

Suj is on the left

Suj Helps the homeless by collecting donated unpurchased food at the end of the day from various food outlets and then sets up a stall in the city centre, he then hands it out to the the homeless or people whom have hit hard times.

If you would like donate your used yoga mat and purchase one of our eco yoga mats we will offer 10% off your purchase price as a thank you, simply add Recycle as your voucher code at our online checkout.

Evergreenyogi delivering donated mats

Simply pop your old mat in the packaging your new mat arrived in and send it back to us.

Lets spread the love Evergreenyogi x

2 thoughts on “Mat recycling to help the homeless

  1. Hi.
    We run yoga studios and have lots of old but usable mats that aren’t quite good enough to still be used in studio, but still have life left in them. About 50. Do you know anyone we can pass these to who would benefit from them please?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Adam, we would love to take the mats from you but unfortunately we do not have the capacity to handle such a large amount. I will endeavour to help find a home for them tho.
      I will contact local teachers who may be able to use them.
      Best wishes

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