About Us

Yoga is the science of your own wellbeing, it is also the care and attention to others wellbeing and the awareness of our impact and influence.
Our aim at Evergreenyogi is to give you a choice about yoga products and the knowledge to make an informed choice about where they fit into the yogic lifestyle.
Many products are produced to make money or exploit a particular area, it is our intention to weed out these products for yogis so that they know their practice is as beneficial to the planet as it is to them.
Om Shanti


PS: We are ordinary family with ordinary lives and plenty of unnecessary plastic surrounding us (we constantly question whether our son really needs so many toys that almost always come in plastic packaging or are themselves plastic – we know that is the “downside” of a very large and loving family that want to constantly spoil him). We also know that we cannot solve the problem that plastic brings into our lives by just selling recyclable and biodegradable mats, but we are trying very hard to at least provide (for now) at least one product that needn’t harm our environment. For us, if there is an option of eco friendly product, we will always go for it (even though buying biodegradable nappies has almost pushed us into re-mortgaging our house again! We mean honestly do they really need to be as much as three times as expensive as supermarket own brands?).